Brook Hill

Students at Brook Hill School are now able to gain real-life business experience thanks to a new lab.

According to Travis Albea, director of marketing and communications at The Brook Hill School, the business lab opened Monday.

He said the school is adding a collaboration space and opening a new store called The Guard Shop to the The Cabin Coffee House that already exists on campus to create the new lab.

“Over the last two years, students have been able to gain actual work experience as employees of The Cabin Coffee House. With the expansion of the business lab and The Guard Shop, students will now become decision-makers as they help manage all aspects of running a business,” Albea said.

He added that this past school year, Brook Hill launched a number of new courses in entrepreneurship, business principals and marketing that will utilize the space as a lab for implementing the ideas they are learning about in class.

Kelly King, business program director at the school, is excited to see what her students learn and implement through the upcoming year.

"They've already taught me so much," King said. "Our students come up with so many creative ideas that as one person we may never think of on our own. I'm excited to see how their minds work and how we can implement their ideas into The Guard Shop and The Cabin Coffee House."

Headmaster Rod Fletcher said he believes entrepreneurship is in the school’s DNA.

"Our Founder, Stephen Dement, not only grew his own business, but pioneered a new school. In a little over 20 years, we've grown from a school of 32 students to 675 in grades Pre-K through 12 from over 30 countries,” Fletcher said. “We're always asking ourselves, 'What's next? How can we create more opportunities for our students?”

Albea said now that the business lab is complete, students will be able to meet on-site in the collaboration space, allowing them easy access to both The Guard Shop and The Cabin Coffee House for their various projects and initiatives.