PALESTINE — Saturday was a day for junior varsity squad members to shine for the Athens High School boys powerlifting team. A trio of Hornet lifters captured gold medal finishes.

Taking first places in the Palestine Wildcat Invitational for AHS in the Junior Varsity Boys Division were Thomas Moore in the 198 Division (915 total), Cedric Kiser in the 220 Division (1,000 total) and Folander Brown in the 275 Division (975 total).

Also competing for the JV Hornets was Chase Martin. His 875 total was second in the 148 Division.

Robert McCall, a state qualifier last year, and Clayton Rhodes led the AHS varsity. They both recorded silver medal finishes. McCall was second in the 114 Division with a 785 total and Rhodes in the Super Heavy Division with a 1,375 total.

AHS also had Keylan Hunter take third in the 114 Division with a 755 total and Sammy Ramirez in the 148 Division with a 940 total.

Holden Kirksey, Rex Laird, Matt Hurst and Phillip Griffin also competed for the Hornet varsity.

Odette Rivero was the top Lady Hornet performer. She was second in the 181 Division with a 720 total.

Kalli Porter nabbed fourth in the 148 Division with a 540 total.

The next action for AHS lifters is Saturday, Feb. 3, at Van.

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