Kemp Yellowjackets

BLOOMING GROVE – The Kemp Yellowjackets battled the Blooming Grove Lions on Sept. 16 winning 30-0.

To begin the game, the Yellowjackets chose to kick off against the Lions and would start on defense first. The defense would stuff the Lions and force them to punt the ball.

Gage Stephens would burst to the right, untouched, and scored on a 42 yard touchdown on the first play on offense. The Yellowjackets would go for a 2 point conversion. Kaysen Stevenson hammered his way to the end zone making the score 8-0.

They would soon kick it to the Lions to start their next defensive series. After a few downs, the Lions found themselves in a 4th and long situation. They tried to punt the ball, but the Yellowjackets would force the punter to fumble and ended up recovering with great field position.

On the next play, Stevenson would go right down the Lions throat for a 12 yard touchdown recording his second touchdown for the 14-0 lead.

Both teams would stop each other until the last few minutes of the second quarter. Just under two minutes, Stevenson broke loose from the defender for a 76 yard touchdown bringing the score to 20-0. The Yellowjackets went for the 2 point conversion and were successful. They would go into halftime with a 22-0 lead over the Lions.

Stephens would start the second half returning the ball 30 yards just before he stepped out of bounds. Even though the Yellowjackets had great field possession, they were not able to punch it in on that series so they had to punt.

The Lions would soon face a 3rd down situation. They tried to run the ball outside, but Jaxon Mendenhall would stuff them for a yard loss.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Stevenson would catch an interception while the Lions were facing third down. Stephens would carry that momentum by scoring a 45 yard touchdown bringing the score to 28-0. On the two-point conversion, Stephens would throw a dime to Turner Soto. Soto made a beautiful catch over the defender to bring the score to 30-0.

Later in the fourth quarter, Chance caught an interception just as the Lions were pushing the ball downfield. Unfortunately, both teams would continue to stop each other until the game ended.

The Yellowjackets held the Lions scoreless throughout the entire game. The Yellowjackets team played extremely well.

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