Who would’ve guessed that we would already be approaching the dog days of summer?

It’s the hottest time of the year and, with a month until school is back in session around the state, a number of kids are already dreading the phrase “back to school” as plenty of sales are kicking off for all the essentials, from lunch boxes to backpacks and supplies.

But everyone can agree on one thing when school returns, and that is the kick off of the football season.

We know the first month or two of school will still have hot temperatures as we begin to ease into the crisp, cool temperatures of the fall, but the return of football as early as late August is something special, from high school to college to the NFL.

High School football is as Texan as Dr. Pepper, bluebonnets, Whataburger and even tacos. This is the level of the sport that will get the boys on the field ready for the challenge that is life and the free world after they receive their diploma.

The return of football on gorgeous Friday nights is what brings our communities together and lets us unleash our inner sports fan.

Even though this time of year is quiet with the exception of baseball’s regular season winding down, we look forward to cheering as loud as we can as the teams run onto the gridiron and when a touchdown is scored.

We like to kick back in the sun, but eventually, we all get tired of that scorching heat and football brings comfort to us with some exciting moments to come.

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