ATHENS - Water level is five inches high and stained. Water temp in the upper 40s, low 50s ahead of the front.

Fishing guide Jim Brack says bass anglers are reporting some good quality slot fish, mostly around grass beds on windy points and select docks using moving baits like square bills and swim jigs. Anglers can look for some changes later in the week with a cold blast in the forecast.

CEDAR CREEK - Water level is about full pool and fairly clear. Water temp in upper 40s, low 50s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says hybrids and white bass have been good on small shad plastics deadsticked over deep water on the lake proper. Crappie fishing is picking up around docks in 5-6 feet of water; no big numbers yet but the fish are on the move up major creeks. King, Cedar and Lacy creeks are all worth checking out. Bass are on secondary and main lake points, deeper docks and rocks. Lipless cranks, square bills, bladed jigs and casting jigs are the ticket. Brush piles also giving up some fish. Catfish are good to 12 plus pounds on fresh cut bait drifted over deep water on the main lake.

PALESTINE - Water level is three inches high and stained to muddy up north, clearer down south. Water temp in the low 50s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff says bass fishing has been good on crawfish color jigs, Senkos and Texas rigs fished very slow around brush piles in 3-8 feet of water down south. Chartreuse spinnerbaits and bladed jigs also producing. Crappie are good in 18-20 feet around old timber on river ledges. White bass are on the move up the Neches; look for the meat of the spawning run to kick off over the next two weeks. Catfish are good around boat docks in four feet of water and around brush or standing timber near the river, hitting night crawlers and punch bait.

RICHLAND CHAMBERS - Water level is at normal pool and fairly clear. Water temp in the upper 40s.

Fishing guide Royce Simmons says all fishing has been slow over the last week with the windy, cold weather. Not much traffic on the water.

FORK - Water level is 7 inches low and stained. Water temp in the low 50s.

Tony Parker at the Minnow Bucket says bass fishing is still tough overall, but there have been a few big fish up to 12.09 pounds showing up at the lake’s upper reaches using bladed jigs in 4-15 feet of water. Red ‘Traps and spinnerbaits also starting to produce in the mouths of the creeks, 10-15 feet deep. Crappie fishing is fair around brush piles in 25-30 feet, hitting jigs and shiners. Catfish are good around creeks in 25 feet on punch bait. Baited holes also giving up some fish.

TOLEDO BEND - Water level is three feet low and fairly clear to stained. Water temp in the low 50s.

Rhonda Shivley at Bill’s Landing says windy conditions have kept most anglers off the water. A few crappie reported in the channel but slow overall.

Fishing guide Tommy Martin says bass fishing has been fair to 8 pounds using crankbaits worked 12-15 feet. Also some fish up north in 5-12 feet, hitting jigs and Texas rig creatures. Rat-L-Traps, spinnerbaits and bladed jigs are producing some decent numbers at times in 2-8 feet; fishing near deeper water is the key. Louisiana angler Cody Pitt won the ABA Solo event held Feb. 5-6 with a 51.49 pounds. Pitt said he targeted hard bottoms, channel swing and isolated stumps in 20-30 feet of water down south using football jigs and deep cranks.

SAM RAYBURN - Water level is 1.61 feet feet low and stained to clear. Water temp in the low-to-mid 50s ahead of the cold front.

Fishing guide Brian Branum says bass fishing has been good to nine pounds targeting grass beds midway up major channels and drains. Crawfish pattern 1/4 to 3/4 ounce Rat-L-Traps are working best. Offshore bite has been good for numbers in the 1-2 pound range using 3/4 ounce football jigs and drop shots around bluff ends in 30-35 feet of water. White bass are good up the Angelina River using Roadrunners and other small spinners.

‘PINES - Water level is six inches high and stained up north, clearer down south. Water temp in the low 50s ahead of the front.

Local angler Jim Tutt says bass anglers are picking up some decent quality at times up north throwing bladed jigs and Flukes over grassy flats. Old Cypress river bends also have been holding some tight groups, hitting Carolina rigs and shaky heads. Farther south bass are hitting square bills fished around shore rock and ‘Traps in the backs of major and secondary creeks. Crappie fishermen picking up a few limits along the old river and brush piles in 20 feet.

NACONICHE - Water level is at full pool and clear. Surface temp in the low 50s.

David Russell says bass fishing slowed down over the last week. The bite has been best in Telesco Creek targeting 16-18 feet of water along the edges of flooded timber. Swim baits and A-rigs are the best bets.

NACOGDOCHES - Water level is 1.83 feet low and clear. Water temp in the low-to-mid-50s before the front.

Bass are fair to six pounds on moving baits worked around hydrilla beds and pad stems in 3-6 feet of water. Covering water with ‘Traps, bladed jigs, jerk baits and square bills is the key. Fish are holding in groups. Small areas may produce multiple bites. Offshore anglers making some decent catches at times on hard bottom ledges, points and isolated stumps using spoons, A-rigs and Carolina rigs. Crappie are fair around brush piles, mostly on shiners.

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