ATHENS — Water level is 7 inches high and clear, stained in major creeks. Water temp in the low 50s.

Fishing guide Jim Brack says bass are scattered and trying to push shallow, but slow overall. A few fish hitting bladed jigs and swim jigs around grass in 3-6 feet.

Crappie are in transition and tough to find. A few fish reported in 6 feet of water.

CEDAR CREEK — Water level is four inches high and muddy. Water temp in the mid-50s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says blue cats are good using fresh cut gizzard shad on shallow points and windy banks up north.

White bass are headed up the creeks or staging on main lake points, hitting cranks and small spinners. Crappie are scattering, headed up the creeks towards the shallows. Black bass are shallow on docks and rocks.

Points near spawning coves also giving up a few fish.

FORK — Water level is at full pool and stained to clear. Water temp in the mid-50s.

Minnow Bucket Marina is reporting slow bass fishing.

Crappie are excellent on jigs and shiners fished around bridges in 18-20 feet and points in 40 feet near the dam. Catfish are excellent around creek channels and baited holes in about 25 feet of water.

HOUSTON COUNTY — Water level is 4 inches high and stained. Water temp in the mid-50s.

Crockett Family Resort says black bass are good to 4 1/2 pounds using Carolina rigged craws and shaky head worms worked around docks in 4-5 feet of water. Watermelon red or dark plastics with touch of orange are working best.

Crappie fishermen reporting partial limits on shiners and jigs around brush in about 12 feet of water. Catfish are fair on night crawlers and stink bait fished shallow around piers.

NACOGDOCHES — Water level is about 2 inches high and stained down south, muddy up north after recent rains. Water temp in the mid-to-upper 50s.

Bass fishing has been hit and miss using Chatterbaits, square bills, swim jigs and lipless baits around grass beds in 4-8 feet of water.

A few fish setting up along along channel swings offshore, hitting Carolina rigs, cranks and spoons.

TOLEDO BEND — Water level is 2.99 feet low and on a rise. Water temp in the mid-50s.

White bass fishing guide Jane Gallenbach says the river is up 14 feet and muddy. High water has the bit shut down.

Wesley Dawson/Teddy Cloide won the Bass Champs event over the weekend with 25.61 pounds. Second was 20.77. Fishing guide Tommy Martin says black bass fishing has been hit or miss. The best bite has been shallow on ‘Traps, Chatterbaits and Carolina rigs worked in 3-6 feet water.

Also some fish holding on main lake ridges and along drains in 12-15 feet, hitting cranks and Carolina rigs. Crappie are slow with the influx of fresh water. Catfish are good to 50 pounds on trotline.

PALESTINE — Water level is 1.67 feet high and muddy up up north. Water temp in the low-to-mid-50s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff says bass are good up north using spinnerbaits and bladed jigs in 2-6 feet along the channel and around the islands. A few fish hitting topwaters in skinny water down south. Crappie are good. A few fish reported shallow; best bite coming around brush piles in 15 feet.

Catfish are good around baited holes in 16 feet and a few around docks. White bass are good up the Neches using Mepps spinners and Roadrunners.

NACONICHE — Water level is 4 inches high and stained. Water temp in the mid-50s. Local angler David Russell says fishing has improved somewhat with a couple of bass over 10 pounds reported during the last week. Best bite has been on A-rigs, Carolina rigs and Senkos fished on humps and ledges away from the bank.

RICHLAND CHAMBERS — Water level is 3 inches low and muddy up the creeks. Water temp in the low 50s.

Larry Winters at Midway Landing says catfish are excellent to 20 pounds on windy banks using cut bait. Also some fish in 10-14 feet around standing timber.

Bass fishermen are reporting the best results around wood midway up creeks in 3-6 feet using lipless baits and spinnerbaits; muddy water has slowed the bite. Nothing over four pounds reported. Crappie fishing has slowed down up the creeks.

White bass are fair on humps and points in 20-25 feet of water; anglers are having to work for limits.

SAM RAYBURN — Water level is about 4 inches low and rising. Water temp in the mid-50s.

Anthony Sharp of Village Mills won the BFL event over the weekend with monster sack weighing 40 pounds, 6 ounces. Weights dropped off to 19 pounds for second. Fishing guide Brian Branum says multiple patterns are working.

The most consistent bite is coming on drop shots and spoons dropped in 35-40 feet of water on river ledges. Shallow fish are spotty but grouped in four feet of water around grass, hitting Senkos. Also some fish moving into flooded buck brush. Main lake points in 18-30 feet giving up a few fish on football jigs and Carolina rigs.

White bass are fair up the Angelina with some limits reported on Roadrunners and other small spinners. No report on crappie.

‘PINES — Water level is 4.76 feet high stained to muddy. Water temp the low 50s.

Local bass pro Jim Tutt says bass fishing has slowed somewhat with the influx of new water. Best bite still coming up north using Carolina rigs and ‘Traps along the river channel. Down south anglers are plucking a few fish off points using cranks and Carolina rigs. Crappie are fair along the river using jigs.

LIVINGSTON — Water level is about 7 inches high and stained to muddy. Water temp in the mid-50s.

Fishing guide Dave Cox says bass fishing is picking up with some of the best action coming on plastics and jigs worked around shallow wood midway up creek channels.

Crappie fishing is fair in White Rock Creek, keying on cut banks with brush in 6 feet with shiners and jigs. A few creeks giving up some male white bass, mostly around sandbars in 10 feet, hitting small jigs and Roadrunners.

Muddy, rising water on the Trinity has stifled the white bass bite in the river, but there are some good blue cat reports on coming on fresh shad. Limb lines tipped with gold fish are giving up some nice flatheads on the river.

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