ATHENS — Water levels are 1.05 feet low and clear. Water temp the low 80s.

Fishing guide Jim Brack says bass fishing remains slow and the fish are scattered with no defined patterns working. Outside grass lines are the best bet using light Texas rigs, wacky rigs or weightless Senkos. Very little schooling activity. Crappie are slow.

CEDAR CREEK — Water level is 1.75 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says blue cat are fair to good, taking fresh cut shad Carolina rigged on bottom around main lake humps in 18-24 feet. Hybrids and a few white bass reported on cut bait, slabs and cranks in the same areas. Whites and hybrids are schooling periodically main lake points near the dam. Black bass are fair; best bite coming around deeper boat docks and bridge rock using Texas rigs, cranks and shaky heads. Crappie fishermen reporting a few partial limits.

NACOGDOCHES — Water level is about two feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Bass fishing has been slow to fair. A few fish in the 2-3 pound range taking Texas rigs worked around scattered grass near channel breaks. Lots of fish suspended over deeper water around shad with some schooling activity at midday and during the afternoon hours. Hard bottom structure in 14-20 feet holding a few groups, taking shaky heads and Carolina rigs. No report on crappie.

CONROE — Water level 1.98 feet low and clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Fishing guide Butch Terpe says channel cat are good around baited holes near creek channels in 18-22 feet. Black bass are best around deeper docks with brush using Texas rig plastics, Senkos and cranks. Also some fish holding around shore rock. Midday bite still best around main lake points, roadbeds and pond dams in 12-18 feet using Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and cranks. No report on crappie.

HOUSTON COUNTY — Water level is about five inches low and stained. Surface temp in the mid 80s.

Crockett Family Resort says black bass are good to 7 1/2 pounds on watermelon/red wacky worms and shad pattern ‘Traps. Crappie are fair on shiners soaked around brush piles. Bream are taking small worms around piers and brush. Catfish are best on night crawlers and dough bait soaked around docks and brush.

LIVINGSTON — Water level is about nine inches low and fairly clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Fishing guide Dave Cox says white bass are good on humps in 15-17 feet of water with lots of short fish in the mix. Some schooling activity in the Trinity near Riverside with some quality hybrids to 23 inches taking crankbaits and live shad under a popping cork; best bite coming around river cuts. Crappie fishing is fair using jigs around stumps in the river channel north of White Rock. Black bass are hitting junebug lizards and red/neon craws worked around log jams and lay down logs near the river’s edge. Blue cats are steady on trotlines. Some nice flatheads reported on limb lines tipped with live perch.

FORK — Water level is 1.49 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp the low 80s.

Tony Parker at the Minnow Bucket says bass fishing has been slow. A few fish taking topwaters early, then switching to drop shots and Texas rigs on points in 8-15 feet. Crappie fishing is fair around brush piles and timber in 20 feet. Bridges aren’t giving up much. Catfish are good in 20-25 feet along channels and on main lake structure using dough bait and punch bait.

TOLEDO BEND — Water level is about seven feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Navigating boat lanes is dicey with the low water. Fishing guide Stephen Johnston says bass fishing is fair using Texas rigs and Carolina rigs on main lake points in 12-16 feet. A few on crankbaits in the same areas. Not many fish grouped. Lots of shad roving creeks and main lake ridges. Crappie are slow; a few fish on brush. Catfish are good over baited holes using night crawlers. Not many trotliners out with the low water.

SAM RAYBURN — Water level is about two feet low and clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Fishing guide Stephen Johnston says bass are fair with the best bite coming shallow on frogs, topwaters and Chatterbaits. Deeper fish are on the move. Crappie fishing is good around brushpiles. Highway 147 and 103 bridges also giving up some keepers on minnows and jigs.

PALESTINE — Water level is about 1.54 feet low and dirty up north, clearer on the south end. Water temp in the low 80s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff says bass are good down south using black/blue jigs and shaky head rigs around boat houses in four feet with brush. Also a few fish taking buzz baits. Midday bite is best on Carolina rigs and cranks on main lake points near drops in 10-16 feet. Crappie are good under bridges and in standing timber using pink/white jigs. White bass and hybrids are fair on points using slabs and cranks. Catfish are good on livers, hearts and night crawlers, mostly around baited holes in 14 feet.

RICHLAND CHAMBERS — Water level is 2.18 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Larry Winters at Midway Landing says white bass anglers are picking up a few limits bouncing slabs on points in 20-28 feet water. Some schooling activity during low light conditions, mostly early in the morning. Black bass hanging tight to shallow wood, taking square bills, spinnerbaits and Texas rigs with the best action coming early. Catfish are good with mixed limits of blues and channel cat coming on punch bait soaked on windy points and on bottom in standing timber around 15 feet deep. No report on crappie.

‘PINES — Water level is about six inches low and stained to clear. Water temp in the low 80s.

Local angler Jim Tutt says bass are slow with good numbers of small fish schooling on shad throughout the day. A few fish taking Texas rigged worms and weightless Flukes worked shallow cover. Crappie are fair around brush on the river, mostly on shiners. No report on catfish.

NACONICHE — Water level is about eight inches low and clear. Water temp in the mid 80s.

David Russell says bass fishing has been hit or miss with lots of smaller fish schooling.  Most bass are suspended above 14 feet. Anglers should be mindful of stumps with the receding water level. No report on crappie.

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