ATHENS - Water level is about 3 inches high and clear. Water temp in the upper 50s.

Fishing guide Jim Brack says crappie fishing has significantly improved over the last week. The bite has been excellent in 20-24 feet around brush piles. Limits of 12-14 inch fish are steady on small jigs cast on light line. Bass are slow. A few fish coming off deep points using drop shots and brush piles using jigs at depths of 20-feet plus.

CEDAR CREEK - Water level is 9 inches low and fairly clear. Water temp in the mid-to-high 50s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says white bass have been hitting slabs on bottom in 22-24 feet. Barber looks for dead sticking with Flukes to pick-up over deep water over the next week or so. Hybrids still good under dock lights at night using ‘Traps. Black bass are good on docks and rocks using cranks and jigs, spinnerbaits and jerk baits. Blue cats to 30 pounds are taking fresh cut bait drifted in 20-40 feet of water.

PALESTINE - Water level is about 2 inches low and muddy up north, clearer down south. Water temp in the upper 50s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff says bass are good in skinny water up north using jigs and bladed jigs around lay downs or lily pad stems. Crappie are good under bridges in 24 feet, suspended 14 feet down. Brush piles in 16 feet along the Neches also giving up some fish . Catfish are excellent over baited holes along the river in 14-16 feet using night crawlers.

RICHLAND CHAMBERS - Water level is 1.48 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the upper 50s.

Fishing guide Royce Simmons is picking up keeper white bass in fair numbers using slabs on points and humps in 20-30 feet of water. Catfish continue to be excellent around cormorant roosts and baited holes in standing timber up the Richland and Crab creek arms. Best bite is in 25 feet.

Crappie are fair on small shiners and jigs soaked around brush piles in 20 feet. No report on black bass. 

FORK - Water level is 2.30 feet low and stained to clear. Water temp in the low 50s.

Tony Parker at the Minnow Bucket says bass are fair on spinnerbaits, cranks and Texas rigs fished in the backs of creeks, some suspended in timber. Crappie fishing has been good with steady limits coming on shiners and jigs. Bridges and brush piles in 25 feet are both producing; the fish are suspended about 15 feet down. Anglers are reminded of the “no cull” rule on crappie in effect at Fork and ‘Pines through Feb. 28. Channel cat are good on punch bait and night crawlers soaked in 25 feet.

‘PINES - Water level is about 2 inches low and clear. Water temp in the upper-50s.

Local bass pro Jim Tutt says bass fishing has been good up north around shallow drains using Flukes and frogs. Farther south, shallow cranks and jigs have been effective on rocky points. Crappie still best on shiners fished over brush piles in 18-20 feet of water along the old river channel. Catfish are slow.

NACOGDOCHES - Water level is 2.84 feet low and clear. Water temp in the mid- 50s.

Bass fishing has been fair on lipless cranks, bladed jigs and shallow cranks worked around scattered grass in 2-5 feet of water. Away from the bank anglers are picking up numbers on spoons, Carolina rigs and shaky heads worked on hard bottoms, around isolated stumps and channel swings in 14-19 feet. Crappie fishing has been fair on jigs and small shiners soaked around brush.

SAM RAYBURN - Water level is 4.37 feet low and stained. Water temp in the mid-to-upper-50s.

Bass fishing guide Brian Branum says bass fishing has been fair to good, mostly on crawfish pattern lipless cranks and bladed jigs worked around grass flats and drains in 3-7 feet of water. Mouths of small pockets also have been productive so long as there is bait around.

Fishing guide Randy Dearman says crappie fishing has been slow. Best action still coming around brush piles at suspended depths, but the bite is very inconsistent.

TOLEDO BEND - Water level is 3.90 feet low and clear. Water temp in the low 50s.

Keith Nabours at Keith’s Tackle says bass fishing has been slow. A few small fish shallow on ’Traps and at mid-range using drop shots. No quality fish reported. Fishing traffic has been very light. Crappie fishing has been slow with the best bite coming around brush in 20 feet, suspended 10-12 feet down. Charlie Shivley at Bill’s Landing says stump hooks and trotlines are producing good numbers quality size blue cats and flatheads. Crappie have been good along the edges of the river in 14 feet using jigs.

NACONICHE - Water level is at full pool and stained. Water temp in the mid to upper 50s.

David Russell says bass fishing has slowed with the off color water, but should improve with clearing conditions. Key on roadbeds and timber along the boat lanes using cranks, underspins, Flukes, jigs and Texas rigs.

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