This Saturday at Lindsey Park in Tyler, the fourth annual Benefit Softball Tournament will be underway to benefit three-year-old Cami Clements.

Miss Cami has Down syndrome and is currently battling leukemia, which she was diagnosed with back in August.

“She is always very happy,” said Stephanie Lee, a friend of the Clements family. “She dances a lot, but she does sign language for most of her communication right now. She had assistance when she started walking. She will make you smile and does a lot of cute little things like winking, blowing kisses and just lightening every room that she walks into. Just a sweet little girl.”

The leukemia that Cami is fighting was first discovered when she went in for a usual blood checkup.

“It was terrifying,” Lee said about the diagnosis. “She had been seeing a doctor in Tyler and I believe it was time for her blood work to be done. Without noticing anything else, they told Cynthia, Cami’s mother, ‘get your stuff and head to Dallas to the Children’s Hospital.’ Once they checked in, it was the emergency room. They brought her in, and a few hours later, the oncologist came and talked to Cynthia and her mother Linda. They were in tears. Since then, Cami has been doing bone marrow tests a couple of times, as well as a spinal tap and blood work.

“They determined that the leukemia did not reach her brain and wasn’t in her bone marrow yet. She went through several treatments and had long hair, and it started falling out.”

Cynthia and Linda live on the same property and together, they take care of Cami.

“Cynthia’s worked for the Sheriff’s Department and she is an investigator now,” Lee continues. “She lives on the same property with her mother.  Linda is single as well. She lost her husband a few years back. She stays home and keeps Cami in good shape. Cami went to daycare normally and Linda is her main caretaker. She does quilting on the side and they haven’t had much time for other activities since this came about. But Cynthia can still go to work as usual for a few hours when Cami has good days.”

Come on out to Tyler this weekend to help support this sweet girl and her battle. It starts at 8 a.m.

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