Superlative honorees on the 2008 All-Henderson County Area Football Team are: (seated, from left) Josh Carr (Kemp) and Cameron Warren (Brownsboro); (standing, from left) Cameron Darty (Athens), Kolton Browning (Mabank), Greg Anderson (Kemp) and Justin Hofstetter (Athens)


Pos. Player (School) Ht. Wt. Class

WR Keith Johnson (Brownsboro) 6-4 185 Senior

WR Brandon Rascoe (Mabank) 5-10 160 Senior

TE Matt Jordan (Athens) 6-1 205 Junior

OL Derrick Rhodes (Athens) 5-8 265 Senior

OL Josh Lopez (Eustace) 6-1 265 Senior

OL Matt Holcomb (Mabank) 6-0 240 Senior

OL Eric Van Dusen (Cross Roads) 5-11 265 Senior

OL David Cosper (Mabank) 6-1 235 Senior

RB Marcus Allen (Trinidad) 5-8 165 Junior

RB Trevan Johnson (Eustace) 5-9 145 Junior

QB Chris Compton (Eustace) 5-5 140 Junior

K Zabdiel Mota (Athens) 5-6 145 Sophomore


Pos. Player (School) Ht. Wt. Class

DB Taylor Jackson (Athens) 5-10 155 Senior

DB Miles Norris (Trinidad) 5-10 160 Senior

DB Deliance Moore (Athens) 5-8 135 Senior

DB Tristain Warren (Brownsboro) 6-3 185 Senior

DB Cord Bailey (Eustace) 5-10 160 Junior

LB Charlie Stringer (Brownsboro) 6-0 195 Senior

LB Nolan Duncan (Mabank) 6-1 220 Junior

LB Anthony Crayton (Athens) 5-9 185 Senior

LB Stephen Blakemore (Athens) 5-11 200 Senior

DL Jared Bray (Brownsboro) 6-0 200 Senior

DL Phillip Griffin (Athens) 6-0 245 Senior

DL Folander Brown (Athens) 5-9 250 Senior

DL Dustin Edgar (Brownsboro) 6-0 180 Senior

P Cody Bass (Cross Roads) 5-8 145 Senior

ST Keylan Hunter (Athens) 5-3 115 Senior

ST-Special Teams


Pos. Player (School) Ht. Wt. Class

WR Cory Janicka (Mabank) 6-1 180 Junior

WR Zach Keeling (Eustace) 5-11 160 Senior

WR Jonathan Dora (Athens) 6-1 155 Senior

TE Zach Stokes (Eustace) 6-3, 275 Sophomore

OL Joseph LaGrone (Athens) 5-10 200 Senior

OL Chaz White (Kemp) 6-0 200 Senior

OL Terrence Sistrunk (Kemp) 6-2 230 Junior

OL Nick Dunlap (Eustace) 5-11 190 Junior

OL Ben Caswell (Eustace) 5-11 180 Senior

OL Terrance Jackson (Athens) 5-9 306 Senior

RB Shawn Baldwin (Eustace) 5-9 190 Junior

RB Dustin Cantrell (Cross Roads) 6-1 225 Senior

QB Jeremy Quick (Kemp) 6-1 170 Junior

QB Zach Bailey (Brownsboro) 6-3 180 Junior

K Michael Blackburn (Mabank) 5-9 160 Junior


Pos. Player (School) Ht. Wt. Class

DB Craig Ramsey (Cross Roads) 5-10 170 Sophomore

DB Uriah Coleman (Athens) 5-7 165 Senior

DB James Trim (Kemp) 6-2 170 Senior

DB Tyler Rogers (Brownsboro) 5-11 180 Junior

DB Si Frideley (Mabank) 5-8 160 Junior

DB Jon Jon Thompson (Brownsboro) 5-11 175 Junior

LB Austin White (Mabank) 5-10 180 Senior

LB Johnny Kilgore (Kemp) 5-10 180 Sophomore

LB Daniel Suggs (Brownsboro) 6-0 185 Senior

LB Will Jones (Brownsboro) 6-0 185 Senior

DL Andrew Giles (Cross Roads) 5-10 240 Junior

DL Ryan Compton (Eustace) 5-8 230 Senior

DL Emmitt Simpson (Mabank) 5-10 210 Mabank

DL Zayd Mahasneh (Trinidad) 5-10 170 Junior


Player of the Year

Kolton Browning (Mabank) 6-3 185 Senior

Offensive Player of the Year

Cameron Warren (Brownsboro) 5-11 185 Junior

Defensive Player of the Year

Josh Carr (Kemp) 6-1 200 Senior

Sophomore of the Year

Justin Hofstetter (Athens) 5-10 175 Sophomore

Newcomer of the Year

Cameron Darty (Athens 5-7 160 Sophomore

Coach of the Year

Greg Anderson Kemp


ATHENS — C.J. Tatum (DL)

BROWNSBORO  — Seth Martin (WR), Ryan Owens (QB)

CROSS ROADS  — Gerry Loden (LB), Steven Murff (DL)

EUSTACE — Kasey Hudgens (K), Joseph Bradburn (DB), Dillon Yates (OL)

MABANK — Anthony Hendrix (WR), Dustin Schultz (LB), Colton Migura (LB), Spencer Endelman (DL), Jacob Walker (DB), Zach Chavez (DB), Darius Robertson (DB)

MALAKOFF — Gaston Wilder (OL)

TRINIDAD — Tyler Sapp (DB), Fabian Ayala (DL), Darius Boggas (DB), Brandon Pearl (DL)

The 2008 All-Henderson County Area Football Team was selected by the Athens Daily Review/Cedar Creek Pilot sports staff, based upon nominations by coaches at Henderson County area high schools. Only players nominated by their coaches were considered for the team.

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