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The speed limit of Farm-to-Market Road 2010 near Chandler will be changing soon after a study conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT officials notified the city of the needed change. It was approved during Tuesday's regular meeting of the city council.

“This speed study was not at the City of Chandler’s request. It was one that they did on their own,” City Administrator John Taylor said. “The result of this study was that the speed limit for that road should be raised. TxDOT is proposing a new speed limit to be 50 miles-per-hour from the Chandler city limit line south to about County Road 3311, and then 40 mph from there south to the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 315.”

Currently, the speed limit on FM 2010 is 60 mph outside the city limits to 45 mph, once the city limits begin.

Chandler Police Chief Ron Reeves said the steep drop in speed causes some motorists to believe it is a speed trap, since it is hard to decelerate that quickly.

“This is the same thing they do with any city that extends their city limits.  That is what we did. When we did that, it took our 45 mph speed limit out to a 60 mph speed limit, which is not practical,” Reeves said. “Any city that expands and moves their speed limit usually has to be adjusted to fit that transition.”

Mayor Ann Hall said, “This is better for a driver to go from 60 to 50 to 40 instead of going from 60 to 45. That just doesn't seem fair.”

“This would be typical of what you hear when you hear people talk about speed traps, and how they go from 60 to 45, because a transition has not been made,” Reeves said. “Here they are doing it so it knocks out that argument of a speed trap.”

TxDOT will install the new signs soon. Once in place, the ordinance adopted Tuesday allows the Chandler Police Department to enforce the new speed limits.

“The state requires us to adopt an ordinance to be able to enforce it,” Taylor said.

Council also approved a site plan from 3D Development for the construction of a new Family Dollar store located just east of the existing Taco Bell.

Located in the 700 block of State Highway 31, the new store will be 8,353 square-feet, and meet all the codes set forth by the city.

Planning and Zoning approved the plans April 1 on the condition the property be platted prior to the building permit being issued, and the monument sign be approved as submitted with the site plan.

Council approved both contingencies as well.

“Our store here in Chandler is undersized and in an older, outdated building,” developer Doug George said. “The intent is to get a bigger, brighter, fresh and clean building in a little-bit better location.  The building itself is not a prototype building for us. It is actually designed to meet the city's requirements. Hopefully, we have designed something that is architecturally-pleasing and fits in well.”

The store will be built on a 3-acre tract, but two acres of it will be donated to the city for future use.

Council also approved changes to the Old Main Street Market site plan that will allow food vendors on to the property; a small retail store to be created inside the closed market; open-air vending in phase three; addition of dumpsters and relocation of the restrooms from a freestanding location to inside the market.

An ordinance was adopted authorizing the city council to be the city's board of adjustment while a resolution was passed creating a multiple-use agreement between the city and TxDOT concerning River Park.

The agreement with TxDOT allows the city to perform all maintenance needed at the park now, and with the expansion of the facility.

In another action item, council approved a $154,006 bid from Reynolds & Kay LTD for improvements to the park. Improvements include installing a new concrete boat ramp, extending the drive and creating a safe walkway under State Highway 31.

“What this project will do is move the drive down farther to the west to where it will line up with the drive on the north side,” Taylor said. “TxDOT is in the process of opening up a median break there, so you will not have to drive out of the city to be able to go into the north side of the park. You will be able to go directly from one side to the other side through the median break. It will be a substantial improvement over the way it is today.”


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