For the first time in many Americans lives, they are not able to go to a store and buy anything they want, whenever they want it.

Our dependence on stores for our survival is a very unsettling reality that the COVID-19 virus has slapped in our faces.

The mass hysteria is problematic on so many levels.

People are doing the opposite of social distancing and increasing the risk of spreading the illness by converging en masse to the local supermarkets. The risks to employees and their families is increased and retail workers are being cussed at for things out of their control.

Society is being greedy. Those taking more than they need and eliminated disadvantaged and elderly people from even obtaining basic necessities. One grocery store employee commented about customers returning every day and some multiple times a day, while others just getting off of work couldn't find a loaf of bread. Parents have complained about not being able to find formula for their babies.

This doesn't even touch on the problem of waste. Huge amounts of food will go to waste, because of people's greed. The term their eyes were bigger than their stomach comes to mind. People simply cannot use all of what they are buying.

The restaurants will not be able to use up the supply before it spoils with the dine-in option being removed. Instead of rushing the store, go get take-out at a local restaurant who needs your business now, more than ever.

All in all though, I think the main wake up call is that Americans are thankfully very privileged, but we cannot miss the message here. In the past, our grandparents and great grandparents had access to farms with produce and animals to fall on in hard times. During the war they had victory gardens. Now, we have the store. If you can't get what you need from the store or hunt/fish, you have nothing. We have to reduce our dependence on these things we take for granted as they will always be there and start helping take care of ourselves again.

In light of the churches being closed, I will admit, there have been weeks this year I felt too exhausted to go anywhere on my day off. I work pretty often on Saturdays. This week my pastor said that he would be discontinuing services temporarily to comply with the guidelines for social distancing. I felt like my heart sank. Then the Lord reminded me of the times I had the chance to go and chose not to. I'm not saying we shouldn't make a priority of self-care, but we need to balance things.

Attending church is a privilege even in modern times we cannot take for granted. I remember as a child hearing about the end times and things like this happening. Even in present times where Christians in other countries were banned from being Christians, some were killed or tormented. Families disowned them for their faith and society banned them from gathering. There were groups that met secretly and only had one page of the bible to read over and over. I have at least 10 bibles, again we are so blessed. I not only have an entire bible, but I have different versions. Those people that have memorized those scriptures are hungry for the presence of God, they are hungry for His word and that hunger I think needs to be revived today.

We also need a revival in our minds and hearts over what is really important. Faith and family are what really matters. You can't take anything else with you, whether it is due to COVID-19 or living to a ripe old age, all you carry in the end is your love for Christ and your love of family. Growing up, the true jewels in your crown were the loved ones you led to Christ.

So remember, love thy neighbor, call the elderly person scared to leave home and make sure they are not out of food. Start setting up safeguards to avoid this panic in the future by creating some self-sufficiency, and by all means before you allow food to spoil, share it with someone less fortunate.

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:34-35

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