In a hurry to get home to my family,

when I briefly encountered a man struggling

to reach the door of the store

Stopping for a break for gas and a snack;

the inner heart of me, needed to help this person

get to the door of this store. Isn’t that what we do as Christians?

To help the one’s GOD puts in front of us?

Isn’t that what we all do?

It was unique in the fact,

the man needed to buy milk (la leche).

How many times do we

get asked just for a small portion of the WORD?

And someone will say more than enough

for he/ she may not be able to ingest the meat of the WORD yet.

We must think of how GOD wants us to think, act and speak

For it is about HIM AND NOT US.

To be available to help and not question

the who, what, where, when, how or why

rather, remember for each one GOD chose for


and ROSE for YOU and I.

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