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What is right for our land of which we do stand?

Not much heard about this anymore in demand.

GOD hears us talking to HIM about the lost and

saved in the land.

HE arose from the grave by no mistake.

Oh my soul suffers poverty of a hunger like others

for souls to be saved not from an optional craves

or one that misbehaves.

Rather, JESUS CHRIST was sent to die

and to rise from the grave.

Why do we question

is there any thing good in that one, to be saved?

That is not what we do; for with discretion

In consolation we pray and love that one

Because isn’t that what GOD did for us?

We share the love of CHRIST in our lives

For others misleading and living in strife to

Come out from amongst those things that stifle life.

What has rendered us helpless and seemingly hopeless?

It is not our job and never can be to judge another.

But, we do keep our eyes open to deceptions    

on every level.

You see our house has a balance our spiritual

and physical.

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