When I was a little girl, my loved ones and I

Would run to a friend’s house and get fresh pomegranates off the tree. 

We enjoyed the beauty from the red color of the seeds.

Fresh fruit and without money we would gather

For sharing was a given, we knew everyone mattered

We rarely had a need, no room did we, have prejudiced you see.

We loved and accepted everyone to share a meal.

We would reach up to a tree or vine, pick berries, plums, pecans that were divine,

Sometimes we would reach down

for some cactus kernels, sour docks whatever eatable.

shucking corn until dusk and then run to Grandma’s

kitchen, her frying fresh corn that Grandpa and we just picked and shucked,

in their iron skillet for all of us.

Oh! Just to smell the corn sizzle! What a way to end the day.

We did not have to have a fancy table during those days

the lawn of a neighbor  would suffice and amaze.

Jesus Christ is Lord there is nothing more.

For we know our salvation now and knew back then that

HE remains the truest friend we know Him now but did we know God then

Remember fruit trees and never mind the bees and what about the fig tree?

Our stomachs full and hearts at ease and the only mystery left is God to please.

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