Strolling along in a community, saw so many flowers to see that day.

One particular thing, a provoking thought:

One flower with its petals drooping downward,as if it were tired and had given up, another with its petals looking up.

Also, pondering if they could talk what would they say, could it be? They are just enjoying the beautiful day?

It depends on one’s interpretation of how each flower may in the wind sway. It depends on one’s interpretation of how a flower is getting along much like people.

One may choose to just sit quietly and listen while the other wants to sing a song.

As if to sing if it were rising to meet his or her maker in the sky.

Just like flowers, you and I. Do we ask ourselves why?

Just like flowers, people can be; we can’t or must not

be so quick, in judging one another, or one’s eternity.

Don’t you see? It is a matter of choice to be.

For GOD will have HIS WILL concerning you and me.

This includes much history as we will decide or interpret our own will of interpretations to be.

What about GOD’S HOLY WORD?

We must remove all malice in our hearts, thoughts and deeds as we make a many a plea

to the only ONE WHOM we bow our knees.

So we can see what GOD truly sees throughout and in HIS WORD.

Remember, both flowers were absolutely beautiful how GOD made them, yet some may struggle with their own interpretations of who and what they truly are.

THE LORD JESUS wants us to seize the beauty of HIS creation and therefore refuse to be swayed by another’s illusion. Does HE like our confusion?

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