We went on a trip just the other day: 

visited a few of our loved ones,

we wanted to stay, just for one more day.

As we started to laugh, like children again 

I saw in each of us a fighting to win.

We laughed, we cried as our thoughts did collide

long ago tunes against the dark sky.

We were all family and grateful to be alive, 

We were so happy just to hug once again,

It was in each other we have the best of friends.

We remember Jesus in our hearing

About friends, with an eagerness

to glimpse the Bible pages so endearing

look and remember our friend again.

Even though we love and miss our kin

For in Heaven we will see

our loved ones that left, again.

Thank You God for in my heart You Father 

Spark in me, a fountain that flows even when it is dark

too dark to see.

Truly, You never left I see once and again 

God Himself comforted me.

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