Passing along an old forgotten novel with its yellowing pages

of past ages, We are nearing the year 2021, with our mask still on,

What can anyone say about what is going on? I think it is time for a brand new song

no longer do we want to hear about who did who wrong.

I cannot help but ponder the actions of our nation that seem so wrong.

Can we honestly say we are glorifying our LORD 

with all the hating and backbiting and discord?

How can anyone claim they adore our LORD? And even still go to HEAVEN forevermore?

We must know that GOD has heard how the immature sagas go on and on here on earth.

Good or bad, we have had enough of who is who of the tough,

Before it gets better here on earth I guess is has to get rough.

Could it be we are leaning in too much, to hear

the works of the devil politically and or correctly in our ears?

The way we are walking by such a thin line and forgetting those other beautiful years 

most importantly the ones that we are leaving behind.

Behaviors and hearts must change, in refusing to treat people like a dog with the mange.

To claim we walk in JESUS NAME have we put HIM to shame with all our talk and disdain?

We must reflect on WHOM we serve. CHRIST JESUS THE MESSIAH 


We need to search diligently for what moves GOD’S heart not with pomp but a contrite heart 

and in our hearts and in our hands GOD’S HOLY WORD.

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