I went for a walk one afternoon.

There was someone with what seemed to be of a heavy heart

We exchanged thoughts yet in my heart I was in a secret room, thinking about Salvation Stay.

The mother, the wife of long ago, the daughter, the friend she truly befriended.

I lost my own Mother almost 7 years ago prior to meeting this precious soul.

While her time on this earth has not ended as yet but returning to the thought

Of our Heavenly Stay, do we look up in dismay?

Telling on ourselves to the Lord may be one day but what about right now.

Have we left Him in our proverbial corner somehow or an imaginary cloud?

Are we considering our personal stay with Him today?

Is He the Lord at a whisper or have we heard Him loud?

If not, we must not delay

For we want Him to be our Lord in every way.

Tell me are we fully aware of our Heavenly Stay?

If we are not God may be reaching for you, me, or a loved one’s hand

to bring them into their Heavenly Stay.

Jesus, Messiah, Yeshua, there are so many names we call Him.

Nevertheless, in all reality He is Lord. he knows everyone's heart

He remains faithful and close in heart as our soul at home.

Tell me, what is our goal for our Heavenly Stay?

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