Young and old time folk all around, for we had our own faults to acknowledge

before ALMIGHTY GOD without people’s judgement from others hanging around.

Actually, each were all too busy to look or hear others sins, what was said of who again?

All our knees would be touching our favorite spot on the ground.

It seemed we were all wanting to hear THE LORD’S whisper

as we  hushed ourselves to all other sounds.

Liked those old tent revivals as we gathered around.

Picnics afterwards, folding chairs and blankets on the ground.

The harmonicas humming tunes, with singers and guitars in the background

Cries of repentance filled the air as THE LORD’S  HOLY PRESENCE was everywhere.

On a beautiful sunny day, an awesome message from the preacher 

GOD’S HOLY WORD for the day.

Children’s laughter filled the air 

without violence and disrespect from everywhere.

LORD GOD we thank you all weekend and throughout our week

THANK GOD for paving the way

 for our access to YOUR THRONE  each day we seek.

We  have, love, mercy and grace

because of YOU LORD may we remember,

we don’t have to carry it all on our plate.

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