We always call on JESUS NAME even if we do not think we need a thing.

GOD’S ease finally came never will we be the same.

Wanting that year 2020 to stop felt as if our heart would stop

Walking up those mountains of pain and anguish

losing our precious loved ones in an insurmountable loss.

The pandemic caught us off guard but GOD had

already counted us all before we ever knew or felt the loss or the closed door.

We just stand guard fueled with the WORD 

not fooled by the word of the world

Through the winds that blew our sails, we began to wail

Our souls upward, feet forward and refused to scatter like squirrels to let the enemy prevail.

Oh, praise THE LORD for HIS mercy love and grace

HE gave us another year we live love and bow our knees to pray

Get things right as we sit tight as we help with holding the line

for all who fight for what is right.

The LORD is truly bright amidst the darkness, in the shadows lurking out at night

We must not stress or guess or give GOD less if need be confess

Do we dare think this was a test nothing more or less

Do we lie down and rest up

for GOD knows when best with HIM to sup.

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