As a child, there was a prevailing curiosity within me.

Three examples are: At the age of about two,

I tried to fit a penny in an electrical outlet

while my grandpa whisked me up and away from the danger,

wearing a wet diaper and all.

About the age of five, while watching my mother wring out clothes

through the cement rollers of an old machine,

I started to put my hand through those rollers like those clothes,

but she quickly unplugged the machine.

About the age of seven while my mother was canning food,

the dial on the pressure cooker fascinated me.

While watching the steam escape, I grabbed the dial,

all of a sudden, the lid came up, the food,

broken jars and boiling water went everywhere.

I jumped between the cabinet and refrigerator.

My safety prevailed almost as much as my curiosity.

However, these examples remind me of the dangers lurking

when I do not remain plugged to the WORD OF GOD:

when PRAYER is not prevalent,

when I allow pressure from every side

to destroy my peaceful place in CHRIST JESUS,

and I must remember that GOD always

has far better provisions for me,

than I could ever prepare for myself or others.

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