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Do we exchange words in a good way or bad?

We do not exchange for our words

more than GOD’S,

for that would prove to be sad.

Tell me do you or I love our words?

What about time we had

our words exchanged glad?

I want my words to be in line and represent


Be grateful for who and what I had.

Do we waste time with our words?

GOD’S WORD is there all along,

maybe on our corner table

lays our HOLY BIBLE.

What is so difficult? We must pick it up

and apply HIS WORD and to be reliable.

It could prove so simple without a wrinkle.

We must HIS WORD to share

with people and no splitting hairs.

GOD is the WORD

and it is a matter of choice.

I chose HIM batting for the best, without one miss.

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