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I met an old time marine today,

Told me of the death of his son that made him sway

From the LORD that particular day.

Was turned off to religion or any and all clichés.

Oh those for him were awful days.

Everything and everyone at the time was seen

Only through his eyes of haze of hate and mistaken disdain.

No one could even explain or comprehend

For his heart was at the point of rend,

Wrapped in pain, it had to mend

The anguish remembering the life he knew.

Checked? How? Why?

As searching desperately to find the answers of why

Just to make him feel less pain

Even if someone, anyone to blame.

So along came a CHRIST follower who shared once again

With he who lost his son.

Let him know JESUS was sent from FATHER GOD

To aid this man in the path to trod.

So the old time marine finally gave the burden to CHRIST

Things are different for him now.

The old time marine laid it all at the CROSS that day.

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