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We want to praise Your Name

We see all the beautiful skies You create.

There are times we have been down but not for long not even a frown can stay around because You wore that thorny crown.

Your love Lord Jesus stills the soul.

Everywhere You are LORD wherever we are to sew.

 Defies human logic many times

for it seems to dwindle,

 when there is very small

 insight and even less sound

yet all we need God is You to help us sometime as we turn around,

as we bend our knees to the ground.

Weep or wail whatever we must do.

Stay our faith only in You.

Knowing for always yet like a snow covered mountain 

He is our path clear through.

Who would have guessed our chance so slim yet 

 to us and through us our love for Him is always and forever

 an impending love because of  Him.





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