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Don’t quit before the magic happens.  I heard it somewhere that I can’t remember but the saying had sticking power. Whenever we start a new job, project, relationship, whatever, it’s inspired and exciting.

But inevitably it looks and feels like work and we get some combination of bored, uninterested or otherwise over it. This is perhaps nowhere more evident than when working in groups.

Groups can be comprised in a wide array of ways: Work, family, friends, church, or any variety of other organizations.

When we go it alone, we get to be right all the time. Or at least if you’re wrong, there’s nobody there to point it out to you. So you get to trudge along on your little island of superiority, regardless of whether or not the thing you’re doing is actually working.

Groups are different. If we’re doing the group thing well, it might look something like a democracy, where everyone contributes and is taken into consideration.

The power of group dynamic is undeniable. We become somehow more than the sum of our parts. When everyone lends a hand, great weight can be carried.

But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  So when your group starts taking off, you can invariably expect turbulence and delays. Why is that?

For starters, we’re never going to all agree. It’s human nature. Just as our thumbprints are unique, so too are our skills, talents, and points of view. Engaging your group means you’re likely going to hear counter positions to your own, which can be uncomfortable. Especially if you’re used to being right.

But there’s an expression: No grit, no pearl. You see, in order for a pearl to form, there has to be agitation. It’s through the very process of getting uncomfortable that something beautiful forms.

Last night our Navarro County Defense Lawyers Association got together to honor Kerri Anderson Donica for her induction as president of the statewide organization, TCDLA. As I looked around the room and saw the amazing group of esteemed colleagues who came out to show their support, I was inspired to think of all the amazing things this collection of people has accomplished.

I also got into a discussion at one point about group dynamic and how it really takes five years for an organization to gel and flourish. Yes indeed it’s true. Great things take time. Especially when other people are involved. But the magic that awaits the other side is worth the strife.

We’re put on this Earth to love and grow and we need one another to do it. As a yoga teacher I’ve often spoken about the connectedness of the people on the planet. Frequently someone will engage with me and argue to the contrary. My response has always been: If you don’t think we’re all connected, go ahead, defy gravity.

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