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Looking back at all the big events of 2022, it had lots of ups and downs. Truth be known, probably more downs than ups. When it came to leadership to guide our nation, the depth of our politicians in both the Democratic and Republican parties were found wanting. At one time Americans were telling pollsters they had little trust in used car salesmen and most television preachers begging for dollars. Now the bottom of the list is our glorified members of the U.S. Congress. If we don’t trust the scalawags who represent us in national office why do we continue to elect them time and time again? It could be that some voters have more faith in the known rather than the unknown.

My wife told me a story about teenager that got $50 in cash for a birthday present. Asked what he planned to do with the money, the reply was to “buy a gift card and buy what I want”. Goodness gracious, what a bunch of “deep thinkers “we are raising to be our leaders of tomorrow.

The folks at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana have been busy, as usual, during this holiday season. For 126 years the recipe has stayed the same—with one exception. German founder Augustus Weidman brought the recipe to Texas in 1896. Once he started his Texas bakery, he departed from the old recipe. In Germany walnuts were used—but Weidman decided that Texas pecans were more available than walnuts. Today pecans, produced from Navarro Pecan Company orchards make up a third of the batter in their “World Famous Deluxe Fruitcake.”

The key to success is due to the continuing quality of ingredients. In addition to Texas pecans, local honey is used in the batter. Cherries are U.S. grown and the pineapple comes from an organic farm the bakery owns in Cost Rica. During the holiday season the bakery employs 500 women making cakes, And 20,000 cakes a day are sold during the busy times. Collin Street Bakery—a Texas tradition! That’s –30—horace7338@live.com

Horace McQueen is a former national editor for Farm & Ranch magazine and owner of Farm and Ranch TV News. The award-winning broad- caster is a rancher and farmer who is involved in real estate as well as gas and oil production.

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