Praise for Freedom Fest

To the Editor: I am writing to express some overdue but deeply felt appreciation to Life Fellowship for the wonderful Freedom Fest event they put on for the community this July Fourth. For those who weren’t there, it was a great event with ample water slides for the kids, food trucks, free Gatorade for the hot day, plenty of space for seating, and the most magnificent display of fireworks I have ever seen—and I include Disney World. My wife and kids and I all raved on the way home about how spectacular it was.

Life Fellowship deserves public appreciation for its public service. As a father, I’m deeply grateful that this church opened its backyard to all of us and gave my children what are sure to be some of their favorite memories of a July Fourth weekend. I also want to thank the members of the local police department who were there after the well-attended event to ensure everyone started home safely.

We in Athens are fortunate to have a group that is willing and able to put on such service to its community in the name of Christ.

God bless Life Fellowship.


— Brandon Barnes, Athens

Republicans attack women’s rights

Congressman Gooden’s opinion that a bill recently passed by House Democrats to stop a few states attacks on women’s rights and transgender children was an attack on religious freedom is simply not the case. It is aimed at those that discriminate.

     Personal liberties are as much a cornerstone of America’s First  Amendment to the Bill of Rights as religious freedom. Several states have recently passed the most restrictive and onerous anti abortion bills in history. Bills that flagrantly violate a woman’s most personal right to choose if or when to have a child. There are certainly cultures in the world where men can force women into servitude and force them to submit and bare children. For several decades, the USA has not been such an inhumane culture.  If a woman in America practices a religion that prohibits abortion or even contraception, it is still “her right”, not her husband and certainly not some governmental body full of old white men, to chose her fate.  There is certainly a delicate balance between personal freedom and the practice of ones religious beliefs. However, personal liberty and freedom should always outweigh the polarizing institutions of organized religion. Institutions that many conservatives hide behind as they preach their hate, intolerance, discrimination, racism and misogyny.

     Mr Gooden’s silent majority is as much nonsense today as is was when used by Richard Nixon years ago.  Democrats had no choice, but to protect our freedom, our liberty and our Constitution.

— Dale Price

Tool, TX

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