The Food Pantry can be likened to a football team. It is only as good as its quarterback, who is only as good as the team.

With the operation of the pantry it’s only as good as its leaders, and the teamwork of the 47 regular volunteers, plus 14 substitutes and the 25 support team of men who go to Tyler and the local grocery stores to pick up food, stock shelves and sometimes work as substitutes, as well as doing other miscellaneous jobs.

We are also fortunate to have Mr. Brad Adair, teacher, and some of his student’s from Athens High School, who come every other week to help us.

The support of the community, our mainstay, has helped us have another winning year.

From Oct. 1 to Dec 31, we served 1,445 families, (6,168 individuals). For the year, we helped 5,650 families, (19,546 individuals).

Your continued support of one can of food or one dollar, or thousands of cans or thousands of dollars, are important to enable us to continue to serve the families of Henderson County.

Thank you.

Charlene Craighead


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