Is it just me, or has anyone else had their fill of hearing about “The Iowa Caucus?” I must admit, I really did not understand what a caucus was, so I looked it up just to be sure. The definition is merely some people getting together and discussing a political candidate choice. This sounds simple enough.

My question is, why is the media cramming this Iowa caucus down our throats? You cannot turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without this caucus being the headline. It is certainly creating job security for all the talking heads of the major news channels.

I am sure that Iowa is a nice state and the people there are as patriotic as any other Americans. But, come on folks, this is just Iowa! A state that nobody even gives a second thought about. So why is it that the media leads us to believe these folks are responsible for selecting the next leader of the free world!

The political arena is getting more laughable each election year. I keep saying it can’t get worse, but it does. This year it comes down to each party voter must decide which one of their candidates are the lesser evil.

I am on the Republican side, and I see nobody that really makes me feel great about electing them. On the Democrat side, well I think it kind of speaks for itself, scary to say the least.

Now there are rumors that this gazillionaire Bloomberg is going to throw his hat, along with his megafortune, into the mix to see if he can buy himself a presidency. Oh boy, another Ross Perot.

I will leave it to each of you to decide if this caucus circus is really that important in our political process. I just can’t help thinking that a few people, meeting in a high school gym, a barn or someone’s living room, is something that should define our political system.

After all, I ask you, does Iowa even have a pro sports team of any kind? I didn’t think so.

W.H. Keyworth


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