Trump and Bolton are purposely trying to start a war with Iran so that Trump can run on that issue to win the 2020 election, just as Bush did after 9/11.

So yet again, Saudi Arabia is free to spread their extremism, wahhabism, which led to 9/11 and ISIS, yet Iran is once again labeled the bogeyman?

What high profile terrorist plot are they actually behind, that warrants this relentless attacks on Iran?

Trump scared us about Hillary Clinton as a warmonger, yet it is clear who the war monger is. Will we get another round where an American president tells Europeans that "you are either with us or with the terrorists" if you don't join yet another mindless American invasion?

Who is going to clean up the mess the next time? Are people in Europe going to handle yet another huge flow of refugees from Iraqi, Afghanistan and Syria?

Seriously, if we start another war, we should own the problem that follows. We should take care of the refugees. It should not be Europe's problem to clean-up the mess for our mistakes.

Matthew Obrien