A big “thank you” to the doctors who wrote the letter on behalf of ETMC-Athens.

I recently experienced first-hand what they were saying to us. On the day I was there, the emergency room was filled to overflowing with every spot occupied, and there were three more patients on gurneys in the halls. Every member of the E.R. staff was doing everything possible for all of us as quickly as he or she could, and they all still managed to be kind and caring to everyone.

It was mentioned several times that there were no vacant rooms in the hospital. It’s a pity that our county judge and county attorney weren’t in need of hospital services that day.

According to a previous Athens Review article, an employee of the State of Texas called our county officials not once but twice to remind them that the deadline was approaching for Henderson County to apply for over $400,000 in funds that our county and our hospital certainly could have put to good use! It is my belief that our elected county judge and county attorney and our appointed county auditor deliberately failed to apply for this money ... and that we have made a huge mistake electing Judge Holstein and County Attorney Owen to take care of our county business. They seem to be doing everything they can do to cause Henderson County to lose a beautiful and well-run hospital. It makes one wonder what political games they are playing and why.

My husband has asked to be included in signing this.

Elton and Margaret Myers


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