Giving Back

There are two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. Due to physical and financial limitations, I have become less of a giver than I would like. But there is a group of people in this county who can and do give. And give. And give.

Labor of Love is an organization whose members use their spare time and their diverse skills to help people in need. Some members are electricians or plumbers. Many are carpenters. Some are “jacks-of all-trades.”

I was recently a person in need, and Labor of Love stepped up and went to work on my problem. Two men (Jason and Brad) worked on my bathroom for two days, making my life both easier and safer.

Thank you does not begin to cover what I owe to the men and women in Labor of Love. They are the type of Christians that actually live their faith by giving of themselves.

— Vicky Cole

Reparations for descendents of slaves

Democrats are demanding that the descendants of slaves be reimbursed for their ancestor's labors. I say, why not? However, let us use some common sense in determining who should pay the bill.

History reveals that it was Democrats who owned slaves, made money off their labors, fought to keep them in slavery, invented Jim Crow, the KKK and segregation, passed laws which kept freed slaves from voting, owning guns to protect themselves from Democrats, etc. It was Democrats who viewed them as three-fifths human, killed them for doing what white Democrats did, segregated places to eat, drink, use restrooms and get educated, made them ride in the back of the bus, etc.

  So who should pay the descendants of former slaves for the atrocities committed against them by Democrats?

Common sense demands that the descendants of former slave owners should pay all reparations. After all, it was slave-owning Democrats who made money from their labors. Logic dictates that if the descendants of slaves deserve to be paid, it is the descendants of their money-making owners who should pay them. Why should those of us whose descendants did not own slaves and did not make money off their labor pick up the bill for those who, according to the Democrats, made vast fortunes off of their slaves' efforts. Morally speaking, it is modern day Democrats who should pay for their ancestors' sins. Admittedly, such concepts as common sense, logic and morality are non-existent within the Democrats’ ideology. But hope springs eternal.

— Larry L. Jaques 

Athens Henderson County Libertarian Party is Outraged by I.C.E.

I.C.E. has visited our local community this last Saturday. They have harassed multiple business owners in Athens to show their 'legal' status. To the point that the businesses had to close their doors early for the day. They were not checking the status of the employees but the owners themselves.

The Henderson County Libertarian Party does NOT support these practices, which often result in splitting up families. We do NOT support locking anyone into a cage for seeking better opportunities for themselves. We WELCOME our immigrant brothers and sisters with open hearts and open arms. If they choose to be our neighbors and contribute to our communities, who are we to say otherwise?

This state was built on immigration and depends on it still. The vast majority of Texas’s agriculture is dependent on immigrants willing to do the work that most American won’t. Without these immigrants our produce in grocery stores will dwindle and prices are only going to go up as supply decreases.

The purpose of the H.C.L.P. is to spread awareness of government overreach, exposing rights violations, promoting self sufficiency, getting government out of our personal and private lives and promoting candidates to public office to do the same.

Our next public meeting will be held at 3 p.m.Sunday, Aug. 4 at Cedar Creek Brewery in Seven Points.

Learn more about the HCLP on FaceBook at

Clear To See 

 I am sure that nearly everyone in America was shocked and horrified by what was tweeted by the man in our White House.  This fits a pattern of this president who has long made it clear thru his behavior and racist language that he thinks white people matter more than nonwhite people even if they’re American. Thirty years ago he called for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, five minority youths who were falsely accused of rape. (Trump is still refusing to believe their innocence 16 years after they were exonerated.)  He owned property that barred nonwhite people.  He has separated families and allowed the mistreatment of thousands of people of color.  Example after example of racism and hate thruout his history is clear to see.  Trump is using the presidency to stoke white supremacy nationalistic assault on our democracy and finally is attacking women of color that were elected to represent us.   

The pain that we must all endure is that so much of this information was available and clear to see before Trump was elected.  We knew that he grabbed women very inappropriately, networked regularly with people you would not invite to your home, spread “birther” conspiracy theories and stoked white supremacist behavior during rallies.  So what does this say about those who elected him?

Racism has been in our lives and politics for as long as the country has been formed.  The fear of “the other” still stokes hate and oppression.  We were all immigrants and when he attacks them or people of color he is attacking us all. The role of a president must be to accept all Americans and debate ideas without racist hateful rhetoric.  We must resist white hate and oppression and unite to protect our  democracy.  It is clear to see that Trump and his followers have lost their way and are fundamentally against our Constitutional values.

— Carol Price


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