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Thank you Spencer Sims

Dear Editor

I would like to brag on Spencer Sims RPA at the Henderson County Appraisal Office. He is honest, helpful, and kind. I appreciate his willingness to assist me especially since I work in Dallas. He took care of my issue and when he came to my house he made me at ease and explained to process fully. Well done Mr. Sims. My sister Trinity feels the same way. A satisfied customer from Chandler Tx.

                    Sincerely,  Brigette Correa

What has the United States of America become?

Dear Editor

I’ve been living in the United States of America for nigh-on to eighty two years. That’s since 1937. I’ve seen six major wars, along with so many changes that they are too numerous to tell. The majority of these changes have worked in opposition with common sense reasoning, and the Constitution of these United States.

A few of these changes are as follows: Doing away with the draft. Doing away with the death penalty. Allowing unborn American Citizens to be killed while they are in their mother’s womb. (Exodus 21: 22 --- 25 in the Original K.J.V.) Doing away with Laws and Procedures that keep illegal aliens out of our nation. Political parties attempting to drag America down into Socialism and Globalism. Too many dependents without a large enough number of responsible providers in our tax system.

Any patriotic American citizen who really and truly knows and understands what socialism is, and how it works, will have nothing to do with it, and will not vote for anyone who does. There should also be a law written against people who publicly burn the American Flag! That kind of unpatriotic behavior should be severely punished.

Why do we allow young men and young women who have been involved in education and politics all of their young life to run for a political office? Shouldn’t they be required to have a measureable amount of real life experience and real life education?

Isn’t it about time that we corrected some of these fatal mistakes?

Pat Rogers Harris

(Doctor of Theology)

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