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To the Editor: Drinking impairs the ability to drive safely, and it increases the risk of causing an accident. The effects of alcohol consumption, whether regular or infrequent, on driving related functions are several.

Here are five listed:

1. Poor judgment and decision making

2. Slowed reaction time and lack of coordination

3. Decreased vision

4. Increased likelihood of having an accident

5. Potential legal ramifications

Drivers are not usually aware of the risk they assume when they drive under the influence of alcohol, as they do not suffer a driving related accident every time they drink and drive. Hence they can believe there is no danger. But there is. Even after just one drink.

The reality is alcohol causes obvious alterations in behavior, as it affects almost all of the physical skills needed for safe driving. It can interfere with attention, perceptual functioning and motor skills, and decision making while driving.

Drinking and driving are never a good option. Serious accidents can happen including your loss of life, or worse – someone else’s.

The bottom line is … it’s not worth it.


Rex Lowe


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