Definition: “One who loves his or her country, and supports its authority and interests.”

I know a lot of people that fit this definition perfectly; people who are genuine and sincere Americans.

Why is the majority of Hollywood actors and entertainers against our President; and against the validity of our American Constitution? I have chosen to let you in on my opinion in this matter: So you must think seriously, and examine analytically, all of the various facets of what I am about to share with you!

“In a socialistic society, all good, better, and best entertainers are paid well, and treated superbly! In a Socialistic Society that is yoked together with a Globalistic Society, movie stars and other top notch entertainers would most likely live like Royalty: with no likely downside!”

We all know that everything is likely to change: But I am one American Patriot that prays for America to remain a Separate Independent Sovereign Nation!

Most of America’s marchers, protesters, rioters, and movie stars are not “Legal American Citizens.” But: There are many of them who are American Citizens. They are the ones I want to expose!

People who do not work steadily on a regular job! Jobless people who draw their support from other sources! People who are out to promote their own private agenda! Selfish people who put themselves above our Nation of almost Four Hundred Million People.

When it’s all boiled down: They are Selfish, Self-Centered, Self-Serving individuals, who do not consider or care for another human beings rights, privileges, or good fortune! I do not personally have any regard, or respect for such people!