Unite to stop human trafficking

Who isn't tired of all the division in our country? It is exhausting and the tide must turn. Let us focus on what we agree on, on our similarities instead of differences. One issue that I believe we can all unite around and is of the utmost importance is human trafficking. Modern day slavery- the buying and selling of human beings.

The 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report was recently released by the State Department. The report grades countries around the world on their efforts to combat human trafficking. It is an invaluable asset in combating the issue.

Human trafficking is more than an overseas problem. The Global Slavery Index estimates over 400,000 people in the U.S are in slavery, and around 25 percent of those in Texas. Worldwide there are approximately 40 million people-men, women and children in slavery. There are more people in slavery now than during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. There is forced labor in brick kilns, quarries, and brothels. Cyber sex trafficking is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in places like the Philippines. Anyone with an internet connection can abuse a child in a remote part of the world with the click of a mouse.

Albert Einstein is attributed to saying, “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” Doing something can be a lot or a little. Some organizations to get involved with include International Justice Mission, Polaris Project and Rapha House.

— Anna Palmer Neal


Crimes against children

The Texas camps holding children meet every historical requirement for the definition of concentration camps according to an author that has written extensively about the topic.  The American flag flies outside the building.  The description of what the lawyers observed there this week is beyond anything that could possibly be believed in America.  Observed were children, as young as 10 helping to take care of toddlers, filth on children, no toothpaste, soap, beds or warmth in freezing conditions and a stench so bad in some places the guards wore masks.  Fear and horror was in the faces of children who huddled together while caring for each other the best that they knew how.  Many suffered from sleep deprivation, constantly cried, had ignored medical conditions, and were confused and emotionally abused by their captors.  

The Justice department under Trump argued in court that it was appropriate that detained migrant children should not have basic services.  Even detainee camps in Iraq had free medical checks, food, water, blankets, exercise and education resources during their detention.  A crime against children can never be acceptable. These are very young children.  Young children always think that mistreatment is their fault.  They will be scarred for a lifetime for no fault of their own.  Almost all of the children have been separated from their parents.  Why? Why punish small children?

There must be severe consequences for anyone involved with mistreatment and abuse of these children.  There must be consequences for this administration that cares so little for suffering and pain of helpless children.  Children look up to society to protect them.  We must call on all Texas leadership and beyond to step up and change this crime against children immediately.   Isn’t every child precious?  What would you do if this was your child?  Is there anything that shames a state or nation more than crimes against children?

— Carol Price


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