Obstruction of justice?

To the Editor: I am trying to understand the logic of the Democratic National Committee which paid for a false document accusing president of collusion with the Russians.

After two years of investigation and $40 million of taxpayers dollars spent, no collusion was found in spite of biased investigators. Now the democrats want to condemn president trump for obstruction of (justice?) wouldn't (justice) have been that the president would never had to defend himself against a false charge by the political opposition? When you are forced to defend yourself against a false accusation, then you are accused of obstruction of (justice?)

I suppose if someone falsely accused you of murder and you knew that you are innocent, you have no right to defend yourself according to the democrats. You would be foolish if you did not do everything to clear your name. But the democrats would accuse you of obstruction of (justice?) for defending yourself. Moreover, if you are a politician, they will try to impeach you.

Now, the democrats in congress are spending taxpayer dollars searching for anything to soothe their disappointment of losing an election. They need to do their job and seal the border.

— Virgil Bousman


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