Will we also be done away with?

We live in a society that would have been considered to be inconceivable when we were young people. The abortion of a baby was not even heard of when I was a child. The sexual habits and practices of some people have always been a problem among humans. Allow me to present what I have seen taking place in these United States.

During WWII there were many changes that took place. Women who were accustomed to having their own husband in bed with them every night, were now sleeping alone with no normal sexual activity. This brought other men into their lives in an adulterous way.

Many married men, along with single men, who were in the military in other parts of the world, did not fancy themselves as being no sex heroes. Adultery became a common thing among many of them. A measure of homosexuality was also bred among women and men within those war years.

In the early sixties we common Christian people first noted the boom in homosexual communities such as Greenwich Village New York, Boston Massachusetts, Oakland California, and other places. Then, it seemed as though it spread like a dangerous wild fire throughout America.

Since many types of sexual preferences have now become common place in America, pregnancy has increased like a sky rocket. Because many of the pregnancies of carnal people have not been wanted, they decided to abort the baby. They have decided to commit the murder of an individual, even though that individual was conceived by Jehovah God Almighty.

Because I am now nearing the age of 82 years, I wonder how long it will be until this generation decides that because I am non-productive, the remainder of my existence should be aborted.   

Pat Rogers Harris

(Doctor of Theology)   

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