‘Citizens should have a say’

To the Editor: For the past 54 years I’ve been a part of Athens, and the surrounding community. Many decisions were propagated by the Athens city council, without the consent of the citizens! This is not the way our American Governing Systems were originally set up. The American Citizens should have a say!

    The total Cain Center was given to the Citizens of Henderson County from the Cain Family. Civic Clubs raised funds to maintain and operate the Cain Center. The Cain Family set up a Trust Fund to see that the Cain Center’s continued operation was not hindered by finance. The City of Athens promised to always keep the Cain Center open and operational.

Inflation has caused many changes in our plans and lifestyles, but the city of Athens along with Henderson County and the people of this area gave our word that this facility would be kept operating.

I haven’t spoken to the Boards of Directors, or the City Council. According to the original agreement, the City of Athens or the Cain Center Board of Directors do not have the final say in the matter at hand. Putting the City of Athens Offices into the Cain Center may be a financial plus, but there is one major problem.

Many of us seniors have had exercise programs in the pool at the Cain Center. For the last two years and six months, the Cain Center exercise area and pool have been closed. It was never necessary to close the pool and exercise area.

It’s apparent that the City of Athens has financial problems, but they do not have the right nor the privilege to use the Cain Center to take up their slack.

Oh, by the way, we have all types of building contractors right here in Athens!


— Mr. Pat Harris D. T.

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