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To the Editor: I just finished watching the news on TV and learned that Kansas just voted to allow abortions in their state, in response to the over-throw of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court.

A few days earlier on the news a female Senator was being interviewed and was dramatically appealing to people to support gun control legislation to “protect our children” in schools, and the population in general.

Where are the brains of these people?! It doesn’t take an immense amount of intelligence to realize that murder is murder!! It matters not whether it is committed by a deranged youth with a gun in a classroom or by a heartless, unethical (and in defiance of their Hypocratic Oath) “medical professional” in a clean, sanitary office or a Planned Parenthood office.

The taking of a human life goes against Biblical mandates, legislative laws and the inner sense of right and wrong for all of us humans!

Who in their right mind would argue that it is terrible for children to be murdered in their school, but it is perfectly okay for babies to be taken from womb and murdered cold-heartedly in a sterile office?

How can anyone honestly claim to be shocked and alarmed by dozens of murders in a classroom (or on the street, or in a church, or anywhere guns are being used to murder people) and not be shocked and alarmed by the millions of babies being murdered by abortion nationwide?

How does one “fix it” in their mind to decry the gun violence and murders, and yet be “at peace” with the violence and murders of millions of infants?

There is a vast need for people to actually use their brains in a constructive and productive manner!

There is a Sovereign God of the universe who is watching, listening and waiting for His people to stand up and be counted and make a difference, for the better, in this broken, marred and temporary world we presently live in.

May love and truth prevail.

Joyce Johnson


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