Within our scenic; in this epidemic,

has become such our wild and world pandemic

what could our responsibility be in it?

We may exercise, look up or around into the skies,

sing or shout yet we would all

relish the thought to move about.

To ride around just for the day

and visit our family and friends

and just say Hey!

Take a ride and give some horses hay.

We love our country and our leaders

for them we do not sway,

In our prayers while we bow and pray.

Remember YESHUA JESUS CHRIST in all our ways.

We must not wait to suffer the day.

Could it be GOD allows circumstances in our life

To help in all our strife?

For storms will come and certainly will go,but are we resting

In JESUS CHRIST when the four winds blow?

Are we worn and tattered as the trials have left us scattered?

We are lengthened by how we with GOD’S HELP

reach out in HIM and now are strengthened.

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