As a young girl, one of my designated chores included the laundry.

I learned to sort, wash, rinse, hang dry, fold and put it away.

I could think about this in another context.

For example, do I need to sort through the somethings in life;

to allow time in GOD’S WORD, to thoroughly wash my heart?

Sometimes I feel as if I am still on the rinse cycle,

when CHRIST had already completed that cycle.

Do I need to remain on the clothesline of past disappointments?

Contrary, if I did, I would become stiffened and difficult to manage.

What about how I am folded within the church or family?

I can clearly say: not so for in CHRIST JESUS

because HE is my designated place.

In other words, the laundry of my heart was done.

What we choose to do with our laundry,

hinges on us, however I choose to be forever pinned to GOD

like a clothespin on a line of obedience

to GOD’S WORD and

Hang on to HIM.


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