A conglomerated mess, unique stone, or the finest?

It depends on our vision of what GOD left us with

HE is one of righteousness.

We each one have problems but what are we to do with them? 

They will likely have allotted times and spaces 

Throughout the ages along with complicated stages

but there is GOD there was GOD then and now.

I still trust JESUS and HIS Vow.

The year 2020 has almost brought us down

with it’s mess of uncertainties somehow, 

but the GOD OF ABRAHAM ISAAC AND JACOB will not allow 

the devil’s scheme to step on us and knock us down

as we seek and ask the LORD in HIS WORD we do humbly bow

to help and heal us now.

Unknown with human understanding the poetic rhyme

may to the ears of understanding be absurd.

However, each time we listen to GOD throughout HIS WORD

Things become clearer even down to the verb. 

May we keep our hands to the task, as the year of 2020 will finally pass?

With GOD and HIS favor HE Alone is the Finest.

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