Kathi Nailling

Once again, I am reminded how Facebook can effect our lives. And sometimes change our lives.

Facebook is a great marketing tool for businesses. The Review has a Facebook page. We use the page  to remind people what is either in the paper, or may be published in the coming days.

The Review updates their page daily.  With over 4.000 fans on the page, it is important the Review keeps it to-date. It’s a great way to keep our readers informed about their community.

Businesses use Facebook as a way to advertise without paying advertising dollars. Not so good for the newspaper, but understandable. Small local business can post their business on Facebook, and draw a new audience.

I started my page when I was general manager for the Cedar Creek Pilot. It was originally for our readers of the Pilot. Many of my friends on Facebook are from businesses I have met while working in the lake area.

What really has me puzzled are the people who use Facebook to  air their dirty laundry.  Not exactly the right place to call out your friends or family.  Some things are just personal, and should stay that way. I have read some pretty amazing things on Facebook.

I even had to hide a relative of mine (you can do that on Facebook), because some of her postings were so inappropriate.  

I do post some on Facebook, but to be honest, I don't put anything on there I think I may regret, or even something that might hurt someone's feelings.

I always say my life is an open book, but maybe not as open as I might think.

When this media monster was created, do you think they ever dreamed that people would use the media phenomena to have their private disagreements. Probably not.

It is true that when my husband passed away, and my son had a heart attack, I received many condolences from some very wonderful people.  I appreciate everyone who took time from their day to try and console me. That speaks volumes for the people I know. 

But, why do people include  such personal messages? I just don’t understand. Some of these things should only be discussed with your very closest friends. Most Facebook people are casual acquaintances.

If we thought longer before we posted our rants, we might think twice. Deleting a rant is always possible, but some have already seen it, before you think about deleting.

Facebook has continued to cause problems with my friends. Someone makes a post that is not very flattering and everyone thinks it's about them.

The person making the post only thinks about how angry they are at that moment. I always say, "You can regret what you say, but you can't take it back."

I am what some might consider a "Facebook Voyeur."  As much as I might complain about the contents, I still read. It is like prying into someone’s life. Even though the information is available for anyone to read, I feel a little guilty about knowing information that should have been kept private.

The news briefs I receive are  great. One news station looks for the most unusual news to post on Facebook. Reading it makes my life seem less complicated.     

I do enjoy Facebook. Keeping in touch with friends out-of-town or state is great. Finding old friends has been wonderful. Telling your family and friends about exciting things in your life is great, and sharing pictures of people you don’t always see. But please, fellow Facebookians, let’s think before we type.

There are lots of games on Facebook. I just try not to get too involved in the games. I will admit, I am addicted to Words With Friends.  I don’t need any more additions. I try just to avoid the other games on Facebook.

I think that in the future, Facebook, as we know it, may go to the wayside. There will always be some kind of social media. I’m just not sure it will always be Facebook.

Even now there is Pinterest. The best I can figure is you post pictures on something like a bulletin board. Not sure I totally understand. A lot of people are using Pinterest.

With all the ways there are to communicate we should all try to be civil with one another in public. There are some major problems in this world. Lets not create more, because someone wasn't nice to someone on Facebook.

Kathi Nailling is a Staff Writer for the Athens Daily Review.

She  can be reached at knailling@athensreview.com


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