Many residents of Athens are likely to be thinking as we are that a special gift to the community would be most welcome this Christmas season.

The party that would provide this gift is aware of the community’s need for it and desire to receive it. But, it hasn’t been forthcoming. If it could come as a Christmas present, it would answer a wish that many in our community have held in their mind for a very long time.

A large business would be the giver of this gift. Its employees are aware of the need and we believe they know how much the gift would be appreciated. They have checked the site where the gift would reside.

The gift? It is to see the Cotton Belt Railroad repair the deteriorated railroad crossing at the intersection of North Prairieville and Larkin streets that is almost impossible to avoid.

Please, Santa, remind the Cotton Belt Railroad how much a repaired crossing would mean to the hundreds of drivers who pass that way each day.

This would be a present appreciated so very much by this community.

— Athens Daily Review

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