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The House Judiciary Committee reminded us this week why so many Americans have lost faith in Congress. With minimal public support for impeachment, Democrats are wasting precious time and resources to begin hearings. They should be working with President Trump on the priorities of the American people. Instead, Democrats have chosen to hear testimony from a convicted criminal and continue to pacify their far-left, radical base with impeachment rhetoric.

The push for impeachment is being made by extremists despite the wishes of their party leadership. Speaker Pelosi has been desperate to stifle the calls for impeachment from the radical progressives in her party. Even she recognizes that Americans will see this investigation for what it is – an ugly, misguided performance for the mainstream media and Democratic base. It’s a sad day when Nancy Pelosi is the voice of reason in the Democratic Party.

This week Democrats overlooked important issues and instead voted to grant themselves power to further harass the president. They needed to pass a resolution to force Attorney General William Barr and other White House officials to testify before Congress. It’s no surprise Mr. Barr has refused to comply, as Democrats have made a complete mockery of the process. A Tennessee Democrat recently brought a bucket of fried chicken into a hearing in a shameful attempt to call Mr. Barr a coward.

Democrats have willfully neglected their duty to govern effectively. They falsely believe these efforts will help them retake the White House. In refusing to work with Republicans, they’re making the same tactical error that Republicans made in 2011 when they had a new majority. In their quest to refuse to work with then-President Obama on anything at all, voters punished the Republican House majority in 2012 and elected President Obama for another term. We are witnessing history repeat itself with this Pelosi-led House, and President Trump has history on his side.

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