The Cedar Creek Lake Literary Club met Tuesday, Oct 8, in the Community Room at the Cedar Creek Lake Library. The members heard Dave Lieber of the Dallas Morning News review his book titled "Amon! The Ultimate Texan."

This book is about Amon G. Carter, a nationally known civic booster for Fort Worth. Carter was the creator and publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He created WBAP radio and WBAP television, and was instrumental in the creation of the first Casa Manana Theater. Though he never finished grade school, he was a central figure in bringing Texas Tech University into existence. He was also generous and gave away hundreds of copies of the hat he always wore.

 He was a strongly egotistical man and a powerful proponent of Fort Worth. For reasons that are not clear, he absolutely despised Dallas and would do anything to see that anything good came to Fort Worth instead of Dallas. The book is also being produced as a play also called “Amon! The Ultimate Texan.”

The Bridge Tournament to help support the Library will be Thursday, Oct. 24.

The next presentation will be Saturday, Nov. 12, by Nancy Ashley on the book “Bedtime and Other Stories from the President’s Guest House.”

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