Rich Flowers/Athens Review Henderson County Fair Park Manager Wayne Carrell demonstrates the size of a blade from one of the giant fans being installed at the main arena.

Work began Monday on the installation of 10 large fans at the Henderson County Fair Park Complex Arena.

The fans will cool the arena by as much as 15 degrees, making the facility more attractive for events in the hot summer months, Fair Park Manager Wayne Carrell said.

“The fans should be in place by Wednesday afternoon, we hope,” Carrell said.

The fans were purchased at a cost of almost $40,000. The Henderson County Commissioner’s Court voted to pick up half the cost and the Athens Economic Development Cooperation added the other.

Once installed, the electricity to run the fans would cost about 60 cents per hour, Carrell said.

In winter, the fans are run at a slower speed to redirect the hot air trapped at your ceiling down to the floor, cutting heating bills.

One of the 24 feet in diameter fans moves 337,774 cfm of air over a 20,000 sqare ftoot space.

The installation was being handled by ND Pendent Installers. Glenn Beck who was supervising the installation for the company said fans in the stands should be aware of the breeze once the fans are in operation.

“It will be a lot cooler in here,” Beck said.

The breeze from the fans will also stir up more dust. “We’ll keep it moist,” Carrell said. “It’ll dry out quicker, so we’ll just have to wet it down more often.”

The first part of the installation process involved finding where to hang them in order to avoid striking the lights with the huge blades. Some of the lights might have to be relocated to make room for the blades, which measure about 24 feet from tip to tip.

Carrell sees the new fans as an intermediate step toward bringing the ideal arena to the facility. Eventually, he’d lime to see the constrution of a totally climate controlled arena. Other counties are presently looking into constructing such an arena, Carrell said.

Meanwhile, Carrell said some shows have indicated they would be interested in bringing their cometiton to Athens if something could be done about the intense June, July and August heat,

As an example, Carrell said officials of the large Morgan horse show which was a July fixture in Athens before moving to Waco said they would return if the Athens arena added fans.

The show would bring people to the area for about three days.

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