The question I am hearing most these days is this: "What's going on with the Cain Center?"

I understand why people are asking. In May, voters overwhelmingly said yes to using $5.3 million from Certificates of Obligation to renovate and reopen the Cain Center. It is clear that our residents want the Cain Center back in operation.

Well, I can assure everyone that work on the Cain Center project is continuing behind the scenes. City staff and council members recently met with officials from the hospital and our architects about the Cain Center and more meetings are scheduled.

The immediate task is to reconcile the ideas generated by the Citizen's Steering Committee and plans already developed for the Cain Center. Those plans cost the City about $465,000 and so the more we can use those plans, the more money we can save.

We have to get those ideas and plans on paper so we can put them out to bid.

The ball is rolling on the Cain Center and the City Council is determined to get this project finished as quickly as possible. I will keep you updated as things happen.

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Monte Montgomery

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